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Your Guide to Buying the Right Protection Dog

The need for and the potential of protection dogs is increasingly being understood and realized. Protection dogs do not only offer security but also companionship, provided you purchase the right one. Purchasing a protection dog does not necessarily mean spending a sum like $230,000 for Julia, an executive protection dog from the team that trained the protection dogs that helped take down Osama Bin Laden, but for a decent amount, you can get a well-trained protection dog for your own and your family’s security.
Protection dogs are either found at organizations that train and sell them for personal protection or K-9’s that work for the law enforcement agencies and then are no longer needed and so are sold off.

The Level of Training

The meaning “protection dog” might mean different things for different sellers, and so you will need to ask exactly what level of training a protection dog has. Generally, the prices vary based on the level of protection and can cost thousands of dollars for complete protection that can include training for tackling multiple assailants, car kidnappings, home invasions etc.

So, be sure to ask exactly what is covered in the training and if it suits well with your lifestyle. The most expensive protection dog does not always mean the best option for you. For instance, if you do not go out much in tricky areas, or live in a relatively peaceful or well protected area, then you might just need a protection dog with bite and hold commands or more aggressive training for special requirements.

Ask for Demonstrations

The first thing you need to do when going to check protection dogs is to not take their word for it. This also goes for not completely trusting the videos that are made available online. It is essential to see the dog firsthand and to check the temperament and training before making a decision. Ask them to show demonstrations about what the dog is trained to do.

Maintenance Training

Some protection dogs also need more training at prolonged intervals, so be sure to ask about the scheduling beforehand rather than realizing about it once the deal is made.  Many trainers and sellers include the maintenance training in the overall price tag whereas others charge for it.

Instructions for You

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had pet dogs before, you will need to go through a short course or training yourself to learn the commands and understand how to use them. Protection dogs are trained to obey orders and so it is important that you know how to aptly give them. So while purchasing, do ask around if the seller will offer any kind of training or instructions.

Protection dogs can range from several hundred dollars to well over thousands of dollars depending on the breed, blood, trainers, time of training and other factors. So make sure that you do your research well before purchasing a protection dog to make sure that yours is well worth the money and trust.